Art Effects

Building on the basics, we can start to develop  skills with some of the more interesting materials. At the same time, intermediate levels of everything from illustrating and creating visual stories to photography and lighting  will be introduced to your growing artist. Even worlds like painting, costume making with an intro to stitch work, and mixed-media can be explored. 

Visual & Performing Arts

Civic Leadership Society

Civic Leadership Society educates youth in 9th-12th grades on how government works from a multi-layered scope. The program fosters civic leadership by instilling the values of service and commitment to one's community. Youth are engaged to become active citizens and contributors to their community and abroad. 

Leadership & Social Development


Young people will learn basics of cooking and fun tasty ways for healthier meals. They will also learn how to work as a caterer, real restaurant cooking, and full meals, start to finish all from scratch!

Urban Agriculture & Culinary Arts

Culture Club

Culture Club teaches youth to understand the purpose of culture, how it operates and functions in relation to who they are in their own community. The program seeks to explore the city of Chicago through understanding diversity of Chicago neighborhoods. 

Leadership & Social Development

Destiny Leaders Cub

Destiny Leaders Cub provides youth-led, youth voice and youth choice for middle schoolers. Destiny Leaders Club is for youth to explore, discuss, and recommend effective ways to engage themselves and peers in activities at Gary Comer Youth Center. It also provides youth leadership, service learning opportunities and civic engagement. 

Leadership & Social Development

Dynamic Dance Works

Dynamic Dance Works is a group in which students not only learn dance styles and forms but also respect, discipline, and camaraderie. Dance builds strength, balance, coordination, and posture; and develops character, creativity, self-expression, and confidence. Students gain a general sense of well-being and self-awareness. Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles and perform as part of the program.

Visual & Performing Arts

Fashion Design

The Fashion Design program for 6-8th grade students at will primarily focus on illustration methods, basic sewing techniques and garment creation while incorporating recycled and sustainable materials for most projects.

Visual & Performing Arts

Free Lab

Game on! Spend the hour playing games either individually or against others. The Minecraft server is always running, and make sure to keep your ears open for Super Smash tournaments.

Media & Technology

Game Creation

What makes a game fun? Youth will explore this idea as they design their own games using RPG Maker, Gamestar Mechanic, and Kodu Game Lab. We will cover everything from basic level and character design to event handling and conditionals.

Media & Technology

GEMS (Girls Empowerment and Mentoring)

GEM is a program for girls in 6-8th grades that develops confidence, character, and leadership abilities in young ladies. The program teaches young ladies to use analytical and critical thinking skills in every day decision making. 

Leadership & Social Development

Green Sprouts Garden Club

The Green Sprouts Garden Club welcomes 3rd – 5th graders to explore the wonders of plants, especially those that we eat. Come learn how to grow edible plants and enjoy how delicious they are to eat!

Urban Agriculture & Culinary Arts

Leaps and Bounds

Join Leaps & Bounds to build the skills and knowledge necessary to have a successful transition into your freshman year of high school. Teens practice goal setting, time management, and study skills. Additionally, teens learn about college including the benefits of advanced education and the entrance requirements and knowledge gained during visits to college campuses. The final project of Leaps & Bounds is a performance of original works produced by the teens during the program

Academic Support & College Prep

Little Makers

Everything you will need to get started in the world of art is right here. As we work on fundamentals like sculpting, painting, and drawing we will move beyond lines and limitations. Your children will explore new ways of seeing their world, not just in colors and shapes and the things outside but as something they are a part of and something they can make beautiful.

Visual & Performing Arts

Media Remix

Animating, filming, editing, and Photoshopping. If you ever wanted to make a movie or learn more about graphic design, this class is for you. We will talk about what makes an enjoyable video (long or short), as we try to crack the code to making a viral hit.

Media & Technology


We will not only get to play a super fun game, but we will also build our overall tech skills by learning how to build resource packs, use robots to mine and create Redstone circuits. Advanced youth will have the opportunity to program custom mods.

Media & Technology

Movies & Chill: Drop in 

A structured recreational program for youth. The program provides a space to have fun watching movies, relax, and reflect. 

Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Open Lab

Youth will explore areas of technology that interest them and build new skills by making games, learning about 3D design and printing, animating movies, building robots, learning to code and more. 

Media & Technology

Peer Educator (HIVE)

Youth have an opportunity to serve as interns and co-lead after school enrichment opportunities for 4th-8th grade youth using technology. In return for their active participation in activities focusing on leadership and career development, community action and teamwork, youth will earn a monthly stipend of $100.00 and a Chromebook.

Leadership & Social Development


Design, build, and battle robots made using the Lego Mindstorms kit.  In this class, we will focus on building sturdy and dependable machines, and then learn how to make them move on their own through coding.

Media & Technology


Rockstars is a program of strong teen girls making a difference in society while learning the standard of finer womanhood. Teens are able to freely express themselves in a  safe, nurturing, and secure environment. They are taught how to make responsible healthy decisions, and maintain healthy life practices. 

Leadership & Social Development

The Art Apprenticeship

Teens in this program will be meeting with the creative forces currently shaping Chicago's artistic community. That means creative and visual artists, directors, gallery curators, business owners will be offering the insight, inspiration, and business/networking fundamentals required to establish a successful career as a creator. Teens will be taught advanced methods and techniques in design development, drafting, illustration, painting, photography, carpentry, and sculpting.

Visual & Performing Arts