Located in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, the Gary Comer Youth Center is an innovative example of community commitment. Recognized as one of the nation’s most unique youth-serving organizations, GCYC is proud of the creative pathways provided via academic success, enrichment, and college and career preparation.


Fredricka Holloway

Co-Center Director

Remington Price

Co-Center Director

Daria Amerik

Associate Director of The Arts

Jonathan Bates

Associate Director of Culinary Arts

Dr. Yolanda Beamon

Director of Operations and Community Engagement

Sheila Brooks


Rodderick D. Williams

Director of Youth Support Services

Jaclyn Glasgow

Associate Director of IT

Doug Kenney

Director of Marketing and Communications

Bill Ladd-Cawthorne

Urban Agriculture Director

Kynesha Swain

Human Resources Director

Ethan Zagore

Senior Director of Academic and Career Pathways


Monica Carney

Board Member

Guy B. Comer


Mark Grossmann


Greg Mooney


Charles Whitaker


Telisa Yancy


Elizabeth “Betsy” Young



Elizabeth Adebanjo

Health Career Pathways Guide

Amanda Anderson

Program Manager

Norman Anthony

Sports & Recreation Coordinator

Hector Bautista


Dominique Bolden

Sports & Recreation Instructor

Keith Brooks

Sports & Recreation Manager

Tracy Brown

Academic Tutor

Sidney Buckner

Membership Team

Gerald Bufford

Program Manager

Josh Butler

Youth Development Specialist

Tatianne Butler

Academic Support Specialist

Melanie Bruce

Grants Analyst

Jordan Carter

Athletic Instructor

Lulu Lanet Clay

Restorative Justice Specialist

Heather Day

Sports and Recreation Instructor

Jhaianne Cooper

Dance Instructor

Dorian Cowan

Culinary Apprentice

Isaiah Cowen

Comer Crops Intern

Jordan Cowan

Culinary Apprentice

Chris Davis

Tech Team Lead and Video Game Maker Guide

Marvin Dawson

Safety Team

Ethan Ellison


Therese Ferguson

Reimagine Youth Safety Grant Coordinator

Ana Gagliardi

Culinary Program Manager

Monica Garcia

Academic Support and College/Career Prep

Payton Goodlet

Culinary Team

Jalen Goodman

Safety Team

Ashley Harris

Program Manager

Lakiva Hudson

Academic Tutor

Denita Jackson

Sports and Recreation Instructor

Joe Jones

Sports and Recreational Instructor

Kelly Jones

Comer Crops Intern

Kiana Kali

Urban Agriculture Seasonal Grower

Michele Lacy

Interim Director of Development

Tybalt Meadows

Comer Crops Leader

Kayla Moore

Comer Crops Intern

Tamia Morrow

Mentorship Coordinator

Aubria Myers

Leaps and Bounds Instructor

Marilyn Myvett

Lead Culinary Worker

Olu Olaleye

Engineering Assistant

Tanaya Orange


Chris Padgett

Safety Team

Shawanda Perez

Culinary Apprentice

Sandra Reno

Production Manager

Xavier Rodgers


B Rodriguez

Urban Agriculture Instructor

Thomas Sewell

Safety Officer

Carlos Smith

Safety Officer

Devenise Smith

Teaching Artist

Ron Stojak


Ammon Styles

Urban Agriculture Instructor

Liyha Thomas

Lead Comer Crops Intern

Tyler Traylor

Culinary Arts Team

Demetrius Underwood

Parent Outeach Coordinator and PAC Guide

Allison Vernon

Membership Clerk

Natasha Webb

Program Manager, Trio Talent Search

Toi Williams

Safety and Security Manager

Ebony Woods

Membership & Data Entry Coordinator

Grant Young

Systems Administrator

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