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Parent Advisory Council

The Parent Advisory Council will commit to the best interest of the students of the Gary Comer Youth Center. Parents will assist and inspire their students in achieving academic success and social enrichment. In our spirited tradition, parents will be exposed to a range of important resources that the youth center provides ranging from mental health to financial consulting. The Parent Advisory Council will serve as a fundamental voice in the advocacy of change and wants in the culture and policies of the Youth Center. The perspective of our parents will be centered and vital to the future success of our campus. PAC will play a fundamental role in participating in on and off-campus events with students, cultivating meaningful relationships in our community, and tailoring the parent experience based on input and guidance from families.

For more information, please fill out the google form and list the best dates and locations to conduct PAC meetings. We will have food, games, and raffles for our parents who attend our in-person meetings. Please respond with which date, time, and location works for you via virtual and/or in-person

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Meet Our New Parent Resource Coordinator

My name is Demetrius Underwood. I work as the Parent Resource Coordinator at Gary Comer Youth Center. Originally from the Southside of Chicago, I graduated top ten and class president of Gary Comer College Prep in 2018. Four years later, I received my bachelor's degree from Morehouse College. Currently, I am a Ph.D. Student at Northwestern University, studying black education and leadership. I hope to create a defining experience in the youth center that seamlessly bridge parent involvement to the culture of the Youth center. The experience, ideas, and investment of our parents are essential to the future and well-being of our center.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. My email is

Caretaker/Parent Handbook 2023

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