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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Tech Team interns will now earn $20/hr and may be awarded an additional $200

Have you seen our 14-18 year-old employment opportunites?!

ASM: The Art Apprenticeship (2/26 - 5/10, M/W/F 4:30-7:00)

Apprentices learn to pre-visualize, conceptualize, plan, develop, and create art collaboratively utilizing technology such as Adobe Photoshop, along with site visits, and thumbnail sketching. Initial activities focus on understanding the basic principles of art and using that as a foundation for conceptual development and creation of 2D and 3D art. Teens also learn how to communicate verbally and through art, their ideas and thoughts about world issues. Teens showcase their knowledge in independent and group art projects.

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ASM: Culinary Arts (2/26 - 5/10, T/Th/F 4:30-7:00)

Our goal is to increase our youth’s nutrition knowledge, practices, and access to healthy foods and choices. Not only are we providing healthy meals and snacks to our young people daily, we are also ensuring we provide opportunities for youth to develop the skills and knowledge they need to create a career pathway for themselves. They also increase their engagement with the community by addressing persistent food insecurity issues. While CPS is offering meal boxes to youth during the school year, they do not offer meal service to youth in the summer months, making the expansion of our summer food programs an urgent need. Additionally, we want our young people to get a culinary foundation experience which include skills like baking, safety and sanitation, and knife skills, while also getting real world tools like soft skills. To summarize, we want to teach, learn and reflect about what it means to bring good food to our community.

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ASM: P.I.T.C.H. Pursuing Innovation Through Creative Harmonies (2/26 - 5/10, M/W/F 4:30-7:00)

Learn about a career in Audio/Sound Engineering! Receive instruction on the tools and techniques used by Sound Engineers to capture and manipulate sound. Explore what you learn during projects that require recording, editing, mixing and producing audio files. Take field trips to meet people in the music, theater, and sound engineering industries and complete the program with the knowledge and skills upon which a career in Audio/Sound Engineering is built.

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ASM: Video Game Design and Creation

Tired of just playing games and want to learn how they get made? In Video Game Design you will see how the pros develop a game; from pre-production and planning, to graphics and coding, to marketing the finished product. This program will help kickstart you to making the next Smash Bros or Action Environment Game.

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