Meet Doneisha One of Our Music Production Interns

Where did you go to high school?

I attended South Shore International College Preparatory and Ombudsman West.

What would you like to learn from your summer internship?

Through my current SYGS internship, I'm seeking to improve my time management skills and explore the world of music engineering. I'm hoping to build connections and networks that broaden my horizons to new sights and possibilities. I'm also looking to do collaborations with others that will serve as stepping stones towards success in my music career.

What are your plans after this summer?

I am definitely interested in college, preferably out of state. I would love to go to AMDA college of music & arts in Los Angeles. I have applied there, Northeastern Illinois and North Central College.

What are your career aspirations?

I'm interested in various fields that all correlate with one another. Overall, entrepreneurship is my ultimate goal. I'm passionate about marketing, business & creative arts. I've selected these fields because I'd like to build, maintain and operate a sustainable business. I'm interested in learning how to develop and market my own brand, business & products while understanding the technical aspects of establishing an LLC, managing employees, assets, etc. I'm interested in the performing & fine arts as my passions are ignited by them. I'm an artist so I need to understand how to express myself in eclectic ways outside my comfort zone. Going into these fields will push me to showcase my talents & creative gifts.

How has GCYC impacted you?

GCYC has impacted me astronomically! It has brought me to a place I wouldn't be without it. The experiences, people and connections made from my time here are beautiful. I've learned how to maneuver through situations and people as well as communicate more effectively. It has impacted my life in a huge way. I've changed and grown as a person over the years. I've discovered some of the brightest and darkest parts of myself through my experiences here and I love the opportunities I have been given access to.