Cultivating Career Pathways: Meet Payton Our Culinary Arts Team Member!

We're excited to welcome Payton Goodlet back to the Culinary Arts Team. At the age of six, he started cooking to help support his mom who was hard at work to provide for him. During the pandemic, he became an intern alongside his friend Zion. A self described introvert, he's improved his culinary skills over the last two years, broadened his horizons and learned how to engage with people more easily. In addition to cooking, Payton enjoys creating music. He will be studying Music Technology at Columbia College this fall. Having returned to the kitchen as a full-time employee, Payton is thrilled to be back "Home" and we couldn't be more happy to have him as a full-time employee on our Culinary Arts team. Watch this video to learn more about Payton's interests, passions and career pathway!