Pumpkin Smash is a fun opportunity for folks to keep pumpkins out of the trash and prevent methane gas production. Our 3nd annual event on Saturday November 4th from 10am - 2pm will include farm tours, food for sale, music, composting education and plenty of fun smashing games and related prizes! Gary Comer Youth Farm is one of five official partner sites across Chicago. All smashed pumpkins will be composted by Comer Crops Crew of which most will be used to increase the health of our soil and help us improve our sustainability practices.

All are welcome to join in on the smashing good time!

Pumpkin Smash Partners including:

* Gary Comer Middle School
* GCYC Culinary team
* University of Illinois Extension
* Black Plant Lovers
* Ring of Hope
* Fresh Raw Naturals
* Plants DeLaTerre - Microgreens
* Mabe's Deli

      Since 2014, Pumpkin Smash has…

      * Composted over 538 tons of pumpkins
      * Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 410 tons of CO2e
      * Diverted 34,230 gallons of water from landfills

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