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Comer Youth designed & created a mural for Sedia Systems' manufacturing facility in Asheboro, NC

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Sedia Systems unveils new custom-designed mural

Congratulations to these amazing artists behind Planet JumpSeat 2022!

  • Alijah Abdullateef
  • Amorion Bell
  • Angela Mathews
  • Dionne Edwards
  • Dionne Williams
  • Leyoni Williamson
  • Makari Gage

The project began in spring 2021 in conjunction with Sedia Systems opening a furniture manufacturing plant in Asheboro, North Carolina. Sedia, a Chicago-based global manufacturer of lecture hall and auditorium furniture, commissioned the mural to beautify a 30x10 foot section of their new façade. 

Sedia Showroom
Comer youth visit Sedia's showroom in the Merchandise Mart for a preliminary design meeting.

The artists met with Sedia founder and president Wilson Troup to discuss the project’s parameters and vision. Working with teaching artist Daria Amerik, the artists then developed 6 concepts and pitched them directly to Mr. Troup. After his feedback, they collaborated to finalize the chosen design.

Preliminary Sketches
Preliminary sketches show a range of concepts.

The final piece tells the story of Sedia’s award-winning JumpSeat. The mural pinpoints where the seats are in use around the world. 

JumpSeat Design
The final design taking shape as the global reach of the JumpSeat is incorporated into the design.

Once the final design was approved, they transferred the drawing to wood panels and got busy! Youth learned about world landmarks and public art. The 7 artists experienced the process from brainstorming ideas to bringing a professional level commission to completion. Skills included: project pitching, planning, and project management; public speaking; fine art techniques, graphic design skills, illustration skills, mural painting skills, problem solving skills and collaboration.

The American JumpSeat
The youth also painted an American flag on an actual JumpSeat included in the final installation in Asheboro.

The mural was completed in late August 2021 and delivered to Sedia’s plant where it was installed.