We Walk Here: Youth-Led Community Art Colab

We Walk Here is a community art colab focused on beautifying the underpasses and walkways young people traverse daily from their homes and schools, our center, the library, parks and other community spaces. In partnership with Alderman Hall from the 6th Ward, Alderman Yancy from the 5th Ward, local mentor artists from Pigment International (Dorian Sylvain and Edo) and Englewood Arts Collective (Pugs Atomz), our youth artists will help transform our first underpass (on 71st street), and ideally the private empty lot where Mayor Johnson made the first stop on his annual Earth Day Community Clean-up tour.

Our youth safety-focused public art collaboration is a prime example of how leaders from different wards, city offices, and organizations can work together in common purpose to bring beauty, safety, and pride to our neighborhoods through public art, murals, and creative placemaking.

Part of our Career Exploration program, professional artists have begun working with youth and community artists to beautify underinvested neighborhoods like ours. We Walk Here is a scalable solution we hope to expand and export to urban and rural towns across our state and beyond.

Thank you for investing in youth-led, mentor-guided beautification and public art…it heals.

We Walk Here Premiere Event Launch @ The Other Art Fair

Learn more about our launch event and support our artists!

Thank you to Pigment International, Dorian Sylvain, Edo, Dwight White, Blake Lenoir, Barrett Keithley, Pugs Atomz and many more!

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