Self Portrait by Asiri Cooley; Self Portrait by Hamir Hunt; Self Portrait by Ava Alston; Self Portrait by Cordé Perryman; Self Portrait by Jabria Short; Self Portrait by Jeniyah Norris; Portrait by Kamorra Varnado; Self Portrait by Liyah Bellamy; Self Portrait by Mi'Kell Anthony; Self Portrait by Nyla Durr; Self Portrait by Rashaela McLin

GCYC offers a comprehensive visual arts program led by working artist Daria Amerik. GCYC is fortunate to partner with After School Matters, Ignition Community Glass, Pigment International and arts groups from across Chicago. Middle-schoolers to young adults hone sophisticated techniques, using art to explore identity and self-expression as well as a tool for healing. They also gain valuable professional skills, collaborating on large-scale murals for companies and other projects from concept, planning, building and final installation. GCYC offers an artist mentorship program and art industry exploration partnerships including professional and youth art colabs, studio sessions, youth exhibitions, major expos, local festivals, and more. To help fund programs, youth offer artwork for purchase, learning how to price, market, and sell their work in the campus online shop. A significant portion of proceeds goes directly to youth artists.